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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 

domo arigato

My dear friend Chrissy knit me a fabulous birthday present: one of Jess Hutch's Robots. From the moment I unwrapped it, I was in love. Chrissy had named her Cecily early on in the knitting process. She said I could change it, but I just love the name.

Don't you just adore the fact that she's posing with the tulips? Yeah, I thought so.

Cecily was made lovingly out of Brown Sheep Worsted. I say "lovingly" because I know that Chrissy isn't all too fond of working intarsia, yet she did so for me.

I'm humored by her backside.

I have a feeling that Cecily is going to become a traveling companion, much like that gnome or Flat Stanley. I think I'll photograph her in exotic locations. Because how many people travel with a knitted robot???

That's what I thought.

Only for you do I deal with the ooglie mooglies! And that IS because I love you. :)

knitting for someone else speaks of love, I'm a selfish knitter personally and I have to really like someone to make them anything, hehe. (don't let this fool you though, I spent all of december knitting for family and friends, from gloves to stuffed animals, like Kate from knitty.com!).

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