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Monday, April 10, 2006 

just add them to my "eventually to do" list

As if I didn't have enough.
I simply must make the following items from the brand new knitty.




I don't know who I'll make Reid for, but I will make it eventually. It's just the cutest little baby sweater. And Nautie? How adorable are knitted crustaceans? Really? And those socks are hot. And I do like Nagano Sakura, but I'd probably make it into a belt.

Those are pretty much the only things I like out of the new issue though. Anatolia is nifty, but it screams "mom" to me. Maybe it's the woman in the photograph. That, and I think the feature item, Mesilla, is god-aweful. But hey, they can't all be winners.

I love the Hedera socks, too. Cookie A is amazing--I'm dying to make her Pomatomus socks from the last Knitty.

I love the T-twist top, but I'd have to do something about the shaping on the bottom--it needs some serious shaping.

I actually like Mesilla, I would just leave off some of the embroidery. I love Stefanie's shapes--she designed Orangina, too.

i'm keep going back and forth on nagano sakura. i like the cherry blossom-ness, but something about the "branches" freaks me out. :)
something strange about convertible too. but those hedra socks are hot! :)

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