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Monday, April 03, 2006 

slowly but surely

Orangina (or as I like to call it - Aquafina) is progressing... slowly. I keep making stupid mistakes like knitting 3 in the beginning of the row when it should be 2, or leaving out one single yarnover somewhere that screws everything up. Eric is getting used to the expletives flying from my mouth every 6 rows or so.

I took a photo to post over at the Sexy Knitters Club. Everyone over there takes such nice, artsy photographs of their work. I'm notorious for laying mine on the couch or floor in bad lighting and going SNAP! Well not tonight, my friends. Tonight my WIP is posing with Mocha:

Amazingly she didn't attack my work while it was on display in her lap. It's a rare occasion to say "good kitty" to her. But this is one of them.

It appears that I average about 2 inches a day. At this rate, it's going to take me at least three weeks to finish. Hopefully when Chrissy, Heather, Brianne and I get together for KnitFest 4.0 in mid-April we'll really crank out the lace.

I can't believe that Mocha is actually behaving. I guess that lace IS magic.

amazing. both on how the lace works and that mocha didn't go eat it right as you were snapping the photo.
eric was near by wasn't he! that cat wouldn't do anything to upset him ;)

Pretty! I haven't met Mocha, and I should alleviate that problem, shouldn't I?

how beautiful is that?!? maybe one day i'll get serious about my knitting. right now it's just scarf time. i should really pick a new project. :)

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